Here are some helpful websites.

Social Security Disability Official Site:

This is a very useful site for following current issues and determining your basic rights under
the area of the Social Security Administration.  Also contains step-by-step information on how
to make a claim with your local office.

South Carolina Workers' Compensation Official Site:

An informative site devoted to explaining the South Carolina system for job related injuries.  
This site is an excellent starting place for injured workers.

South Carolina Supreme Court Official Site:

South Carolina's governing Court's official site.  This very useful site has contact information
and related links to each county in the State of South Carolina complete with docket tracking
information to help follow the status of cases in each jurisdiction.

South Carolina Bar Association Official Site:

This is a very useful website for gathering information on legal issues and newly available
information in the legal community of South Carolina and locally.

Web MD Medical Website:  

This is a site devoted to assisting and informing viewers about medical problems.

United States Patent and Trademark Website:

This is the official site for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Here, you can research and
conduct an initial search of your brand, file an application, and track proceedings.  This site
provides an excellent resource for current information in the Intellectual Property field.
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