Waikart Law Firm, LLC
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How can we help?

With Accidents and Injuries
We assist our clients with making decisions on claims against the insurance
companies responsible for paying the benefits owed after on-the-job
accidents, personal injuries, and wrecks.  We also assist our clients with
disability Claims before the Social Security Administration.

We work for our client, not the insurance company.  Our goal is to help our
clients reach a fair and just result for what they have gone through.  We
work to provide all the necessary information our client needs to help their
family make informed decisions about their case.  Legal decisions are very
important and we understand that these decisions can often have lifetime
effects on the people involved.  We offer advice and counsel to our clients to
ensure that they are aware of the available options and understand the rules
and context of each decision along the way.

With Trademarks and Business Start-Up
We assist our clients with obtaining the legal protection for their valuable
and brands.  We offer advice and counsel for starting up and operating
new business in South Carolina.  We can help with what type of business
entity to choose and information on legally setting up the business in South
and we will work for a flat legal rate so there are no surprises!
We are a small, experienced South Carolina Law Firm dedicated to
helping victims of accidents, injuries, and those suffering from disabilities.

We help
professionals and individual entrepreneurs obtain State and
Federal Trademarks
and with various legal services for creating new
business venture
s in South Carolina.
We are South
Carolina's Accident

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The Accident Advocates™
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